Shout Eureka specializes in patent analysis and scientific information, as well as technology intelligence and IP strategy consulting. The company assists R&D organizations, industrial companies, and investors in their business development by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their IP environment and technological trends. Prior art search, patent landscape analysis, scientific literature analysis, patent valuation, IP due diligence, and freedom-to-operate analysis are all services provided by ShoutEureka's experts. In addition, the company offers litigation/licensing assistance, technology scouting, and IP/technology watch services. ShoutEureka's analysts use their technical and patent expertise, as well as powerful analytics tools and proprietary methodologies, to provide relevant patent analyses and scientific reviews.

IP Search

Rapidly assess key issues such as prior art, novelty, patentability, patent validity, freedom to operate, patent infringement, and technology scouting.

Infringement Analysis

Shout Eureka assists clients in locating evidence of (non)-infringement by mapping relevant patent claim elements to the results of the analyzed target products/devices. In order to find evidence of use and highlight risks of patent infringement, we combine technology and manufacturing analysis with patent claims understanding.